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“Black and blue”

Oil on linen 54″ x 40″ 2016"Black and blue"

“Studio chair again”

Oil on linen 36″ x 36″ 2015

"Studio chair again"

“Studio chair again”


Oil on linen 36″ x 28″ 2014



Oil on linen 52″ x 38″ 2014

Oil on linen 52" x 38" 2014

“Benevolence of sight”

A new painting. 44″ x 50″ 2013

Benevolence of sight

New book: “FBF’S”

Check out my new book. Forty small portraits of my Facebook Friends. Based on profile images
taken from my “friends” pages. A comment on how social media has subverted the word, “friend”.

Cover image