Mr. Hamilton

Mr. Hamilton
Jazz great, Mr. Jeff Hamilton                                                                      Oil on linen 36″ x 36″ 2015

New “Dot” paintings

Acrylic on canvas on panel 36″ x 24″ 2015. View them through you cell camera.

Cream copy  Red hat copy White copy

“Cream”                                            “Red hat”                                             “White”

“JJ with black shoes”

Oil on linen 36″ x 28″ 2015

JJ with black shoes


Charcoal on Polypropylene 26″ x 20″ 2015


BP Portrait Competition 2015

This painting of my Dad made the semi final round. Out of 2750 entries, this portrait made it to the final 197. They choose 55. Unfortunately not this painting.




Oil on linen 52″ x 38″ 2014



Oil on linen 36″ x 28″ 2014



Oil on linen 54″ x 40″ 2014



Oil on linen 52″ x 38″ 2014

Oil on linen 52" x 38" 2014

Plane air power

A short video about a series of paintings inspired by the base closer at the former El Toro Marine Air Station…