Monthly Archives: July 2012

Exhibition at “Q Art Salon” in Santa Ana, CA

Watch for my upcoming exhibition at the Q Art Salon in Santa Ana, CA October 2012! I’ll have 12 to 15 paintings including some from my new series, “Some Girls Smile” and “My Facebook Friends”. For exhibition dates and reception information go to the Q Art Salon website.

Q Art Salon is 2,500 square feet of open loft space divided into three levels, set in the heart of the Artist Village. Director of Q Art Salon, Jose Quant, is as a resident of Santa Ana and Director of Courbet Art Circle, an artist studio that has been operating in the Downtown Artist Village since 2006. Like neighboring gallerists, business owners, and residents, Quant hopes to see the local Artist District continue to grow and flourish. “We would love to have more contemporary work and established artists exhibit in the Downtown. The more galleries and artist spaces in the area, the more the Artist Village will continue to grow,” comments Quant. “Q Art Salon hopes to add to that community growth and energy.”



“Some Girls Smile, Princess” Oil on Linen 54″x40″ 2012


New Projects and My New Book

Hi Everyone –

I have a lot of new projects and paintings coming in the new year.

My first book “Decade” is complete. Be sure to check out the Publications page of my website for more details. I also have a small feature in a new publication by Daab, “GOWEST”, Cutting edge creatives in the United States.

Be sure to check back often as I will have updates with new works and future shows!